The Orvis Clearwater Frequent Flyer rod breaks down to 7 pieces...I've watched a few youtube videos on it(including the ones from the guy who started Tenkara USA), and outside of saying "Tenkara" with a funny ninja voice, it's cricket fishing with waders. Not saying it doesn't work and can't be fun though. I think it could be used as a good way to introduce small children to flyfishing.


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I have been curious about them but like a few above I can just cut a pole in the woods like when I was a barefoot young'un. But after meeting a lady in Helen a few weeks ago on a trip I kinda like the way they feel and packup. I may try one at some point but not sure yet.

When I saw the thread, this came to mind. It isn’t necessarily true, just a little humor. I see the appeal of a packable rod and I have used kebari style hackle winding on nymphs with great success.