Teresa And I Really Need Your Prayers...

I pray that all these sufferings will bring you two closer than you could possibly imagine to Jesus.Also that even in the darkest of trials, the light of Jesus would shine through it all for Teresa's good.
As the hymn-writer penned, "Just one glimpse of Him in glory will all the toils of life repay."

I love what Job was able to say,after losing ten children in one day, "The Lord gives and the Lord taketh away. Blessed be the name of the Lord."


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Prayers to you both for strength and faith.
Eagle, I will send the best one I can up. Prayer does help my friend. We all need it to face the rigors of life. Just have to believe there is a better plan out there for all of us, that we cannot really understand. Stay Strong and God Bless.
E E, still praying for yall. Seen where you posted on the campfire also and more Prayers there also. Be strong, and put yalls beliefs in Gods hands.

PF and Ms PF