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I'd like to know how you guys (the christians in this forum) and gals came to know the Lord. I had been in church since I was a toddler but when I got to around 12 or 13 I realized that I needed to make some decisions. Was this church/Jesus stuff for real or just a waste of time? Well, I can still feel myself getting up to go forward....boy was I squalling! LOL Can't describe the cleansing, refreshing experience that the Lord gave me! One thing I knew for sure; I was saved and I had experienced God! What a life it is this life of faith! He has blessed my family and me over and over. Even the little things, like, my son and me standing over his first buck last year (a 10 pt no less!) and thanking the Lord. What a memory.


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I have wonderful parents who brought me up in church. Through my teenaged years, I had no desire to know this Jesus they spoke of. Todd wanted to live his life for himself and that's what he did. At the age of 17, I crossed paths with a drunk driver in Dublin, GA on HWY 441S and lost. Only by the Hand of God was I spared injury. He clearly put a vivid picture in my mind as to what sin and its consequences bring. I knew the Holy Spirit was speaking to my heart. Went forward the following Sunday knowing what I needed to do and even told the pastor that. Walked away never asking Jesus into my heart. Attending church, living a lie to others(not to myself or God), and one heartbeat away from **** til the age of twenty five. Praise God even though I had walked away from God, He didn't walk away from me. At a Bailey Smith Crusade, I felt the Holy Spirit move again in my heart and I came before God broken before Him. I gave my life over to Jesus then and He came into my heart and it has been a wonderful ride ever sense. \0/
Growing up my Dad was a pastor...

When I graduated high school moved out on my own became wrapped up in the drug scene.Even started shacking up with women.Thank God I had praying parents who disapproved of what I was doing,but still loved me.Worked with a fellow in Peachtree City who used to share with me about the Lord.I got saved and delivered from drugs,alcohol at a home group meeting on March 20th 1982.I am thankful that God doesn't leave us to ourselves.Thankful that Jesus willingly went to the Cross for us all.One thing I have learned is never become calloused or hard,stay pliable in His hands to shape and conform us into His image and likeness


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Quote by Bandersnatch: "Can't describe the cleansing, refreshing experience that the Lord gave me!"

Neither will I ever forget that feeling. Man, I felt absolutely squeaky clean inside. So clean it's impossible for me to describe. Because of that one thing alone, I know I was transformed. I was 13 years old attending a very small neighborhood Baptist church at the time.

As the world would have it, I fell away from my faith in my later teens and continued to live my life apart from Christ until age 32. Realizing I had made a complete mess of my life and couldn't get things right, I went to my knees in desperation. Miraculously, in less than 48 hours, a miracle happened that opened my eyes once again. I didn't change my ways over night, but I did and continue to progress in my walk with Christ. When I look back now, I truly cannot imagine how I ever lived one single day without him. I think, MAN, if only others knew and felt what I feel with Christ they would surrender immediately.

Have my problems and trials decreased or went away? By no means, but at least I do not have to face them alone or try to fix them with my own limited feeble abilities. \o/ I continue to stumble, fall, and He picks me back up. Sometimes I even try to do it alone but quickly realize my mistake and run back to my father.