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looking to go to Texas next year, any recommendations for outfitters?


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There isnt much public land in Texas.

..rant....I really dont see the big deal with going with an outfitter. If I'm going that far from home, I want the best chances I can get to kill a Turkey. Going outfitted is typically the way. Yea, I'm pretty sure i could kill a gobbler anywhere they are, given enough time. Seeing guys make comments such as this just gets on my nerves. Do you get to beat your chest or get a better trophy if you kill it on public land on a diy hunt?? NO...you dont. An outfitted hunt is usually more than just a pay to kill deal. You meet good people and get to see some great land at the same time. Just because its outfitted and in Texas doesn't mean it will be over bait. Several states can bait during Turkey sesson..and you may hunt over it some time...but you dont have to.

trkyman, do your research on outfitters and pick the one that seems best to suit your needs and dont look back. One I would like to try in Texas is Magnum Guide service. Start researching and reaching out to the outfitters now


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yes, unless you call it an accomplishment to pay to kill turkeys over corn, hunt public land.

Have you ever actually hunted Texas S&R? Or is this another one of your meaningless post on a topic you know nothing about?

Trkyman, I have hunted Texas 4 times and I have never shot a turkey remotely close to a feeder, while I am sure they use them, it has been my experience they don't use them much. Especially not the gobblers. What I have experienced in Texas is a lot of birds, great people, and an even better time. The country is open and the birds are really good at getting to 60 and hanging up. But with the numbers of birds there, you usually walk away with at least 2 birds. Most places you will find will have several ranches spread out in an area and most will drop you off, point you in the right direction, then pick you up at a desired time. Back to the house for lunch, and then repeat in the afternoon.

Do your research, call around, and ASK FOR REFERENCES!!! Any good guide service should have several people you can call to talk to.

Good luck!


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Good luck to you. Let us know how you do in this thread.
I’m sure it will be a great adventure.
well gut_pile, I wouldn't have put it in print if it were not my experience. I am going to reframe from the second question. I have forgotten more in my older years than you will ever learn about turkey hunting, that I can promise you.



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What’s there to learn. If you have turkeys. You sit there and call. They come and you shoot one.

Oh yes I forgot the mythical gobbler turkey that is unkillable!!
Til Mr. S&R comes along.
From the roost to the flop.

Good luck Sir.
Enjoy this spring c
It's National Forest, primitive camping, lots of walking. One of the prettiest places on earth. Take a week minimum, cover lots of ground.

And by the way, if all there was to turkey hunting was walk in, sit down, call one up and kill it. Well, there wouldn't be much of a challenge to it would it.

I don't hunt satellite birds, kinda like going elk hunting and settling for a satellite bull.

Good Luck