Thanks for having us RE; Sara Barr

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Hey guys,
Just wanted to drop a line and say thanks for having Dixie and I over for this special event. We felt right at home. I was touched (ok, all watery eyed) when Sara was finished with her talk. That young lady has it going on. All of us could learn something from her confidence and positive outlook. I was blessed and so glad we decided to make the trip. I have some pictures but cannot figure out how to get them posted. A PM with some guidance would be appreciated. I read the directions but they don’t make since to me LOL.
Many many thanks again for a wonderful time.
Pat and Dixie
Pat & Dixie,
We are glad that ya'll were able to make it over for the shoot, it was great to meet you! Sarah is an amazing person! Hope to see you at another shoot soon!
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The snake? Well I recon you can call it a good miss. She shot under the deer target and the arrow went into a small brush pile and skewered the poor ol snake. When she retrieved the arrow she touched the snake, a scream followed and the snake and arrow was once again airborne and heading in my direction. I went one way and poor ol Robert went the other. It was utter kayos for minute or two we figured out what was going on. It was hilarious. Thank you Robert for letting Dixie and shoot with you. You have a lot of patients and nerves of steel LOL.