Thanks Paymaster!

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Last Fall I got a beautifully-decorated box from Paymaster loaded with his winning flies. Being that it was Fall, I didn't get much opportunity to use it as I was hunting instead. This evening, I broke out my new 4wt with Piscifun reel a good friend gave me for Christmas and had a good time down at the pond. In about 45 min I brought 5 fish to hand (amongst helping my 3 and 5 year old unhook their fish and keeping them out of the weeds).

I had asked Paymaster for Redbreast artwork on the box and he delivered. The Lord saw fit to bless me with a Redbreast for my 2nd fish of the evening, so I decided to take a pic next to the artwork in the box. Seems Bass and Bluegill like that little yellow spider too! Hope y'all enjoy!

ETA: this is the beautifully colored fish I asked him to base the artwork on (one I caught out of the same pond a few years back):

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I don't see any pics!! Dangit!
Yeah, sorry about that. Was editing on my phone, been on the road for work. The img codes look correct but aren't posting. On a desktop now, hopefully they're fixed. just helped me out in the most MAJOR way!!! First of all, great post! Beautiful fish and flies! I am now going to have to contract Paymaster for some of his work!!!
I caught a redbreast tonight on a 3" crankbait while fishing for Chattahoochee bass after I was done turkey hunting for the day. I got a real kick out of that! I catch redbreast so seldom up here, it took me a long minute to realize what it was. I assume they're not as abundant up here as other parts of the state maybe?! I just seldom ever catch them. BEAUTIFUL fish. That was the first redbreast I have caught in a long time.

Also....I have never, ever heard of Piscifun reels. I bought a Cabela's CGR glass rod last January when it was on sale. It is a 6'2" 2 wt olive glass rod. I have been looking for the perfect reel for it and just could not find one. I just want a good looking reel with a small diameter, and at a reasonable price. All the small reels available today are way, way over priced.
Orvis screwed us all when they stopped making their Battenkill 1 in bar stock titanium. They're only black now, and those just don't look "pretty" on my rod. I don't need a high dollar reel because the purpose of the rod is only brook trout and panfish for me. I had almost decided on the Bass Pro Shops White River ultralight reel, but it is a click and pawl reel. I also looked at buying a Wychwood River and Stream reel from Europe, but again, they were way too expensive for my use, although they are perfect in every other way.
The Piscifun reel is a little heavy to balance the rod I have, but I could care less about that when my main goal is catching 6" fish on average. It has a disc drag, is tiny in diameter, and is a handsome reel and will look good on my little CGR glass rod. It is absolutely everything that I I have been looking for going on a year and a half now. I am buying this reel TOMORROW. I thank you so, so much for mentioning it. My little CGR rod is going to be happy, and I am going to slay some brook trout on it! Thanks a million man!!!
Good stuff! I love catching redbreasts on a fly rod. Around here, I don't think I've ever caught one out of a lake or pond, but they're in all our bigger creeks and rivers that aren't too cold. A big one will sure put up a fight on a 3-weight.