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I appreciate that their are pictures to see. Where did I say that I didn’t appreciate people posting pictures of their kills?

It’s just silly that there are grown men acting like teenagers trying to be the next big thing. The fact that half of these guys can’t kill deer and not push a product is ridiculous.

It’s more so pushed on Facebook because they get more views there. Voo Doo is the worst out there right now.

I’m willing to bet half or even more of the kills posted with a product......had very little help with pictured product. They are just chasing the recognition is all.

Has the day of a hunter using plain ole skill gone out the door? It sure is beginning to look like it.....

But again, who cares. Here is a life lesson. If you get your panties in a wad every time somebody does something you think is stupid and ridiculous, you are going to pretty much walk around with a wedgie all the time. People are going to do stuff that makes no sense to me. Stuff that I think is dumb. People are going to do stuff you think is dumb. You and I are going to do stuff other people think is dumb. People are different. That's what makes the world go around. I know a lot of adults that act like or worse than teenagers, and most of them do stuff way worse than sticking a bag of buck muscle or bottle of voodoo in a picture with a deer. Like I said, it isn't that big of a deal. And to answer your question, the day of hunters using plan or skill to kill a deer disappeared long ago around the time the Indians stopped hunting them with rock tips, wooden bows, and gut strings to simply eat and survive. Hunting today isn't a necessity for anyone on this forum, it is a hobby. Spend more time enjoying it and less time worrying about how everyone else is doing it wrong.
Now that I have your attention.

What is it with all the advertising and sponsorship now days? I don’t remember it being this bad in the previous years but it seems like every buck that falls now has a magical sponsor that sealed the deal other than good ole fashion scouting and homework. Is there money being thrown around that I’m not aware of and could be missing out on? I kill some big deer and would be glad to thank Uncle Toms Magical Deer Lure if it will make me a few dollars. Id be willing to bet less than 10% actually use said product to aid in the kill. I ask all this because I just saw a dang deer stand posted in the picture with a buck that was killed this afternoon. That’s right, an entire deer stand was piled up next to the buck. The pros aren’t even this annoying :sneaky:

Is it all about money rather than killing big ole bucks?

And go!

It's been bad for years and the bowhunting forum is the worst of all. Lot of producers of archery products are members here and they all have their little cliques who push their products on here. Archery used to be a pure sport, now it's all about "look at me" and what a great hunter I am, my videos, my product line, my sponsors, etc.

I met a guy from here who worked for one of these local outfits a few years back. He proceeded to tell me how good he was and how he filmed himself, posted youtube videos of it, etc. Total jerk and egomaniac. Haven't like any of them since.

You can't market true woodsmanship and fieldcraft which is what true archery hunting is about, but you can dang well take the focus off of it.


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Everybody is always talking about "go do what you love and the money will follow, you'll never work a day in your life, chase your dreams!" and then when a lucky few find a way to get paid doing just that those same people start squawking about "corporate schill", "sellout", "Poison the sport". I'll tell you right now if someone wanted to send me a check or free stuff just for mentioning them under every picture of every critter I killed or caught you bet your sweet behind I'd be cashing in!
It's the oldest trick in the book...Cast shade on someone else's skills, trophy, or even interests and it implies yours are superior.
I would argue their tournaments, contests, marketing, videos and sponsor patches and bumper stickers covering their clothes and vehicles screams “ Hey! Look at me! I’m a great hunter!” is responsible for the reactions being expressed here. But that’s just me. I tend to believe in individual responsibility.