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Thanks to all the landowners, guides and volunteers that helped 78 WET disabled participants have a great hunt this weekend. Hunting was a little slow but you could not tell by the smiles on the participants faces. We also had the highest scoring deer killed on a OWL hunt taken this weekend by Wheel Chair participant Kris Ann Alexander. Unofficial green score of 175. The pictures don't do this deer justice.


Comer Hunt (Wet you say)

Well, the Comer (O.W.L.) hunt has come and gone. Wet is not the correct word to describe the hunt. Donnie Clements was my guide and we virtually had to swim in and out of the little house that Cory Clements so graciously let us use for the hunt. He is also the Gentleman in the picture with the Kris Ann's 13 pointer. I wish I knew the other Gentleman's name. Anyway, it was the wettest hunt that I have ever been on.

I personally want to thank all (and I am not going to try to call names) of you who had anything to do with helping this to be an enjoyable hunt for everyone. God has blessed us with many, many landowners and volunteers. Five people come to mind when I reminiss about the Comer hunt, Kirk, Tim, Donnie ,Cory and last but surely not least is Pam (who does just about anything and every thing to make the hunters comfortable.) Thank you one and all.

Now a special thanks goes out to Crackerdave who volunteered to come pick me up and drive me to Comer. Dave you are a jewel for the King's crown. Thank you very much. God bless.

I hope to see all of you back in 2016.

Oh, thanks to all the volunteers and the people who serverd us food. Especially Ginger who told me everytime she got near me that she smelled something. (After not having a bath---it was me)

After seeing a representative from Custom Mobility(whatever capacity you chose)we wecome you.

I hope all of you who attended got home safely and I hope you are as fond of this hunt as I am.

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We did face almost every adversity you can imagine from flooded blind locations, endless mud, severely damaged roads on the farms, stuck power chairs on several locations and even a heart stopping moment when I though ole Cherokee Charley was dead!!!!! Lol but I never heard a complaint and everyone had a ball. We had 14 landowners and 80 guides give up a weekend during the rut and everyone of them said they couldn't wait to do it again. It is these fine folks that made this and every hunt possible. It's a life changing experience is much more than our slogan!