Thanksgiving javalina


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I hunted with TXBOWHUNTER over the thanksgiving weekend!
the land is vast rugged terrain and everthing bites or sticks! rattlesnake infested ,lost of yotes and jackrabbits!
the morning I killed the javalinas ,I was running too late to get in the stand over a feed station,because I had to drop regi off.So I walked in slowly and quietly from a good vantage point.I could see that there were 2 javalina already there ,so I got in position and shot the sow {the bigger of the 2} from about 80 yards through the lungs with My .243. She made a circle and dropped, the other was gone! it is very sandy there so tracking was easy.I started following the tracks the boar had left ,he busted out of a brush pile and he got a texas heart shot from about 75 yards,he circled and made a run at me ,then killed over in a brush pile!
we saw an awesome muley buck and a few does as well ,but never had a good shot opportunity at the buck!
we also saw 8 rattlers and killed 6 of them !I killed 2 a diamond right at 4 foot with 15 buttons and a prairie 2 foot + with 10 buttons!
thanks for an awesome time TX! good fun with good folks!

me and javalinas.

heath and javalina.

diamondback rattler.

prairie rattler.

from left to right heath,guess,jeapers and Txbowhunter.



Very Cool!!!!!!!! :cool: :cool:

Them critters look like they'd be fun to shoot.....

Now for them "rattlers"......

I don't know if I'd see any javelina's.......I'd be to busy lookin' for snakes..... :speechles :speechles :speechles