The Archers for Alzheimer's Benefit Shoot

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Jake Allen

Yes, Alzheimer's is a terrible disease, but we are trying to help do something positive about it.

Please come and join us for a benefit, and Bow Shoot that is helping to support the Macon Chapter of The Alzheimer's Association.
This year's benefit happens April 23rd at the Refuge in Culloden, Ga.

Not only does our support from this benefit shoot go to help find a cure, but it also goes to support Counseling and Distribution of information to people who have the disease,
as well as people taking care of people who have the disease. This counseling and information is offered to those in need at no charge from the Alzheimer's Association.

We work hard putting this event together and it is a good one.

So, if you like to shoot a bow, (or even if you don't), please come and support a good cause.

There will be 2 challenging, but fun courses set through the woods with at least 20 targets on each.
One course is for Compound Bows, the other for Stickbows, Recurves and Longbows, (aka Barebows).

I promise it will be a good day. Thanks :clap: