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looking for a good training DVDs . Bought two Brittany pups and want to train them to point quail these are my grandchildren pets and if like everything else they will prolly loose interest in a few months. Though maybe if I could get them interested in training the pups they might stick with it. I have little experience with trainings bird dogs but did train a setter years ago on basics and pointing a bird any advice is welcome thanks
Bourbon the GSP(5 months) and Bailey the Chocolate(8wks). Gsp holds point and retrieved doves just fine. Has all the basics down. Bailey on the other hand... Does anything and everything Bourbon does.


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Who can't hold back a smile when looking at young pups at that age?:flag:


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Third weekend in row killing quail over this 9 month old
Brittany female. She is almost solid white. I have been hunting this same bloodline since 1990.