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The litter of 12 from last year had 4 almost solid white, 4 Tri-color
This is a picture of the her litter mate that is almost solid white- my dad is going to kill a bird over him.
This is also a picture of the female (Daisy)that is almost solid white (her right side and left side almost solid white_ and her sister that is Tri-color, the sire of the puppies is in the back. He is almost 12. This was his first litter, so I can't tell you how often it happens. About 2 years ago I was like , I don't have a puppy to carry on this litter so I started looking for females to breed to him. I finally brought a couple to breed to him.

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I'm not sure if this pup is going to make a bird dog?? ;)

(A little puppy hide & seek play in the yard)

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You know he will. Fine looking pup.
Have you ever heard bird dog trainers say....."I don't even start working a bird dog till he's a year old".

Could you believe wasting a full year of a bird dog puppies life when at 4 mths any well bred pup could do what's on the video! (If you bring it along correctly)
When my father and me raised pointers back in the the late 60’s thru mid nineties if they weren’t pointing by theirselves at six months of age, we found them a new Home.
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Xerxes Llewellins

Here are some photos sent from the new owners of puppies from our last litter! (Whelped 2/19/18) They are around 12 wks old in the photos.

1st pup is a female up in Cleveland, GA area
2nd pup is a male living in WI
3rd pup is a male towards Thomson, GA
4th pup is a male towards Athens, GA

There's one more pup that went to north GA, too.
I'm waiting on a photo of that one. When I get it
I'll attach it, too.


This is Diddy. She is 7months now. We just got her from a lady that hadn't worked much with her. We are doing obedience training now, and just playing fetch with a tennis ball. She does water retrieves and a pretty decent job of it.

Diddy (2016 x 1512).jpg