The Blue Fugates of Kentucky


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You at first would think that it was from lack of oxygen,,,,
I've always found that story to be fascinating.


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Interesting, that location is about 50 miles from where my family is from.
I never heard of this.
I used to have a Pipe fitter from over that way, on one of the maintenance teams. He was older than me and one night when we working graveyard, and all in the break room and he got to talking about them, telling stories that had been passed down to him. None of us believed it. Several years later the subject came up again, as a young guy from over there was working with us and he started talking about it. Somebody finally looked it up, and we were all surprised when he verified it. We all owed the old pipe fitter an apology.


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them 2 kinda look like chuck schummer and nancy pelosi standing there
One of my great uncles used to talk about meeting one of them back in his younger days.

Max McCoy also worked the Blue Fugates into the plot of one of his books, "I, Quantrill." Pretty good read.
Interesting stuff!
My running buddy's s a pipe fitter from over there in Paintsville, he ain't heard about them either. He said he will call back home this evening and get the real 411 on that bunch. They's some good story tellers from back there. I found it interesting that guy was name "blue Anze ". That's McCoy country over that way. Devil Anse Hatfield was the head of the Hatfield family in WV. There's a lot of things people hold dear. I can't see that name being used on both sides of the river even tho it's spelled a little different.