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I realize that I ain't the brightest bulb in the pack, but that's OK. But when I look at the crazy left candidates, I just have to scratch my nearly bald head...

Angry Bernie?, Angry & Nasty Kamala?, Wispy Wimpy, give-away Warren?, No idea what's going on Joe? Sing-songing talk Beto? (what the heck is a Beto?). Absolutely crazy Yang?, And Castro? what can you say about that sick, demented Dude? (I shouldnt have even given "Dude" a capital D)

I Hated every moment that I heard BHO's voice. I cannot imagine sound bites from these folks. Angry, Angry, Angry...., besides being 100% anti-American and anti-constitution.

No, I'm not always a fan of Trump's tweets, but he can make his opponents and the MSM, look like dorks, practically at will.
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We HAVE TO stick together and FIGHT hard against these MORONS. We almost have our country on the right track. Let's shore it up as much as possible.

PENCE 2024.🏭🏭