The gator is done and looks great!


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El Lagarto looks good. I believe we have a couple that big in Lake Seminole.


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SON you have alot more than one you just got to be very patient with the big boys, they have been around twice as long as most men grow old!

Ronnie T

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I saw one on mad-made island(Seminole) last Monday that might have been that large. I was shocked to see one that large up there. I don't recall seeing him last year.

Hey Redneck, Momma ain't gonna be happy with that thing in the den!!!!!

Awesome mount, I saw it at the rama in Perry.

I also me Mr. Ray Knight and spent a good bit of time at his booth, he really does some good work and has prices that can't be beat!..I have a whole truckload of stuff that will be going to him soon!:fine:
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LOL, Thanks I realized it later and was too busy to edit...I dunno what I was thinking:banginghe


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Looks good.

Looks good REDNECK1 enjoy being at the top. :D

I'm coming for ya this year. ;) frydaddy
Mighty fine big ole monster gator. Congrats.