The Grandaddy of all Go Dawgs #34. What a ride it is been.

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Go Dawgs!
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Go Dawgs! I thought I heard it all from the arrogant bama fanbase but they have outdone themselves.
Yep, they got a genius and we got a cheap imitation. The rout we received in the NC game proves it.
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Kirby and Saban, two ships passing during dark. One of them headed toward the sunrise, one headed for his sunset.


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You can do it kydawg! It took a desperate coach to make a change like that. It didn't really pay off because he made two huge mistakes that we didn't capitalize on. In bama terms that is we beat ourselves. It was just like a major league team putting in a first time starter. They usually have a good start because hitters haven't had a chance to study him. We are on our way. Pretty soon our qb's will be able to scan the field with little pressure.
Go Dawgs another day closer to kickoff.
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