The Granddaddy of all Dawgs threads struggling thru the Dawg days of summer, waiting for kick off. #37

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You can tell the season is getting close, the runnerups are starting to show up more often.
Go bammers in a fog I mean dog.

Nevermind, just Go Dawgs!


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Was looking at the UGA schedule for '18. Disgrace.
Yeah I know. Having Alabama's lil brother on the schedule really brings it down but Big Bro skeert he won't make the SECCG AGAIN this year if they had ta play us regular season
Go DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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go dogs who need to be washing the mobile home and cooking something
They would get rich, because it is almost impossible to find a decent trailer washer in Georgia, as all the good ones, have relocated to Alabama.
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They get vacation time, a 401k, and health insurance. They did drop the dental care though.
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