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Go Dawgs with a good long term memory, who cant remember what he had for breakfast this morning. Wait a minute, I dont think I had breakfast this morning. Must have forgot about it.
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One of my favorite Dawgs through the years was George Patton. George was the Captain of the 1966 team. He was signed a couple of years earlier but coach Jonny Griffith as a QB. The next year Vince Dooly showed up and moved George to a defensive tackle. On his first paly at that position he sacked Joe Namath. Sack is a nice word for what he did to Broadway. George ended up as an All American. In his last game at the Cotton bowl, the Dawgs won the game and it was well in hand when CVD kept Johnny Griffith's promise to George. Vince put George Patten as QB for their last series.
Go Dawgs! Charlie you should give us a Dawg history refresher every day on here! Let’s call it Daily Dawg history with Ky Dawg!
Go DAWGS! There is a great YouTube video of a comedian carrying on about Jake and his injured hand. Not sure of the comments section, so go look it up.