The Granddaddy of all Go Dawgs threads #41 on to the Sugar Bowl.

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Go Dawg getting a chance to give the freshmen another month of practice and hopefully some game experience.
Go DAWGS pullin' da horns off of Texas!
Go Dawgs getting Christmas shopping done early this year.

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Go DAWGS! Watching Bulldog game day on the tube. Wishin ya'll were GON meet at the Varsity in Athens. I aint going to the ATL. unless I absolutely HAVE to.
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DJ Daniel the #3 CB in the country committed to Georgia. He is a Juco player, and by all reports say he is ready to step into the starting lineup. Go Dawgs continuing to put the dynast together one pick at the time. This moves Ga to #3 in the nation in recruiting and I dont think we will stay that low long.


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Yeah let's go to the NE part of town where all the restaurants y'all have went to in the past either closed or burned down.
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We not crying, we are looking to a rosy future and it will not be denied.

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Looking at Navy's faceguards. Would be cool for GA. to do Silver faceguards. Dixie DAWGS in SILVER britches.