The Granddady of all Go Dawg Threads #32, picking up were the last one left off.

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GO Dawgs, if the Dawgs do as good in this one as they did in 31, gonna be some happy Dawg fans.
Ain't nuttin but a G THANG.........

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I will believe we can beat Fla when I see it. Not like this is the first time we went to Jacksonville as the favorite and walked away with a loss.
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That being said, my money would be on Georgia to win by double digits.


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I've been wearing my Georgia gear in Tallahassee all weekend and several locals have voiced that they hope we thrash them..............Go Dawgs............

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Big game this Saturday and as usual, I am very nervous about it.
Me too! I hope we can beat those Gators, but it would be even sweeter to see us come out and dominate them from the start and put them away early and for good. This way I can relax my nerves a little. :bounce:

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