The influx of JUNK trail cameras...

Sounds like you hunt in a bad neighborhood. :fine:
I have a piece of land that is 200 miles away, and borders public land. Hard to keep an eye on that 24/7. :)
Wildgame is trash. If someone gave me a new one for free I would still be skeptical and I wouldn't hang it where I thought a good spot was or where I was trying to capture a known hit list buck for concern of the camera failing.
Agreed, wild game are the worst. I have watched deer walk right in front of them from my stand just to check it and have zero pics. This miss a bunch of deer, and the pics are terrible on the cheap ones. Tons of blurry pics because the shutter speed is so slow. I would call them better than nothing.


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Bushnell and Browning have worked best for me. They hold up longer with battery life, give me clear night time pics and give off more background light at a greater distance at night. You can find specials on them during the off season on ebay well under $100.
those work the best for me as well. I did have problems with one of my brownings, so i called and the service guy said use nothing smaller than 8GB cards and energizer batteries(especially in cold weather). He also said to reformat the cards after you delete pics. Since I started doing that they have worked great.


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Strange. I have had bad luck with Moultries, and very good luck with Wildgames. I've bought about 10 WGIs, and never had a one that didn't work right that I know of. Not the first issue of any kind. Good pics and plenty of them. And these are the cheap, cheap ones.

I have some in the woods that haven't been turned off for three years and still work fine. I don't have experience with buying the others, because I've been having good luck with what I have.

I would guess that regardless of brand, most come from about the same place. And no brand is perfect or will last forever. I'd say a couple-three years is about average lifespan for any of them.
Same for me. Wildgame and Moultrie have been the best ones I've ever owned and I been running cameras for almost 20 years.

Had the early Camtrakkers, Lakota Cam, Cuddeback, and the list goes on and on.

For the price you can't beat a Wildgame or Moultrie Camera.

I owned a Moultrie for 10 years and it never left the woods, eventually the plastic on it wore out and broke. I paid $100 for it.
Personally I'm a Browning fan. I have 4 that have been out 24/7/365 for 4 years now without a hiccup.