The new Bowtech Realm X.......

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I know, I am supposed to be biased, but I have to say a few things about this bow. After getting my sales sample I did a basic set up so that dealers and folks I run into can shoot it. I received a second sample because I had a clicking in the bow as it came to full draw and didn't have time to really investigate it. However I later found out that a hand full were shipped with the flex guard torqued a tad too much. Took a turn and a half out of the flex guard and viola, all better. So having 2 60# bows in hand I decided to take one and really set it up.

I started putting it through it's paces and this might be the most stable bow I have ever had in my hands. In fact, I took my Fanatic 3.0 down and set up my 3-D stuff on it. Fine tuned the thing. Now, I used to shoot A LOT. Went to every ASA event and worked hard at it. Now being on the road so much and trying to do as much family stuff as I can while at home I rarely get to practice and shoot at all. After going to Foley and shooting about like I expected, I was able to shoot a little and went to Phenix City. Other that the mistakes made that result from no practicing and especially from not shooting a lot of 3-D targets I shot really well. I shot my highest ASA score in several years.

This bow, set up with the correct procedure for the overdrive binary cams is unreal for a sub 34" ATA bow. I am looking forward to Augusta to see if I can repeat.

If I can clean up the silly stuff and stay in the ten ring I'll have a chance at being in the money.

203 1st day 7 X 12's with a 5 and 3 x 8's 212 with 8 X 12's on the second day with 3 8's.

See some of you around the way. Hit the road again next week.
Just got my realm x in really liking how it shoot. Got mine in krypt altitude and really nice camo pattern. Completely different bow than my nitrum turbo
I set a second RealmX up last night. Took about 5 minutes to fine tune it and make one very minor rest height adjustment to get an exceptional bullet hole. Just a twist of the yoke and bingo! It also IBO'd at 342 on the comfort setting! Shot a 537 grain at 258 fps at 67 pounds and 29".