The Nursery

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It's right down the street. This is where all the baby Jewfish are born.
Got 5 last weekend up to 28 pounds. 7 to 10 ft. of water. Far Backcountry of the Glades DSC00199.JPG DSC00198.JPG
Fyi this picture will get you in trouble if the wrong person sees it . It is illegal to remove a goliath grouper from the water for any reason.
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I think they have bigger things to worry about..
It's 28 pounds not 300 and I didn,t slide him over the Transom and dump it on the deck.
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I would like to get on board the FWC Tagging system for them...Sawfish too as I catch a fair amount


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You can only remove “small” Goliath grouper to remove hooks. Must use proper handling techniques and quickly return to the water. Photos should be taken as part of the release on any GG. When it comes to the gray area of the law...they can view it as black pretty easily.
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Thanks for clarifying.....
That,s what I do and did. I caught maybe 15 of them all weekend from 1 pound up to 28.
Folks need to quit ain,t a Buttefly their real tough fish and the law was put into place to keep folks from bringing 400 pounders on board and beating the heck out of them . I also do the same for Tarpon .
That Boga Grip has a scale in it. Sawfish Camp Lulu Belle 007.jpg Sawfish Camp Lulu Belle 007.jpg