The Official 2017-2018 Woody's / G O N Bow Hunting Challenge "SMACK TALK " Thread.


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Last time I used BFO out withen a hour Bowonly came walking thru smelling everything.
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Glad u got one with the BFO and your new weapon. :)

The 100 yd bolt slinger bit the dirt today. String derailed as I tried a few test shots. Back to bow hunting. :huh: Hope I remember how ? facepalm:
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Why, you think I'm trying to trick ya ? :pop: I'm not the master of the woods anymore. Wahhhh ! :cry::cry::cry::cry:


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I'm glad your so worried about me but the master of the woods is back up and running. Get ready for more of the same.
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Thanks guys ! :yeah:
I'm really not much on birthdays. Just as long as I keep having them, I'm good. ::; :bounce:
Also, patting me on the back in the Smack Talk thread is not going to save you from the thrashing Team Stickem is going to give you. :whip: ::ke:::ke:


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Got a text from bowanna ,,,he's bringing out another big buck !!!!! Said 140 class ,,,, HE'S THE MAN ,!!!!