The Official "I survived Hurricane Irma" thread


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My Folks, brother, four sisters some cousins and all their kids and grandkids rode it out in Bradenton.............this is the first time in almost 50 years that the need to even board up was felt and done. My parents and a sister live in the same park. They left there and went to my sisters sturdier house and power went out about 8:30 that night, but no damage. I talked to my dad the AM after and he was at the mobile home and said it was 100% in tact and the power was still on; My sister's was too. Barely any flooding, but about every 4th carport got ripped off, so there was a good bit of damage around them.

My son was freaked out up here because we lost the internet and wifi last night........:hair:

I can confirm, it stunk!!:D

Tragedy, but it was back on by about 10 this AM. Sorry to make light and hope every one's damage was minimal.

I was kind of freaked out for a bit, but a calmness came to me as the storm dead headed towards Bradenton..............then it went NE and spared my family. Dont tell me prayers dont work........Plenty were sent and many were answered:clap:
Been without power since Sunday at 7. Word is some could be without for up to three weeks.
My lights just came on after being off 30 hours. Can't imagine going 3 weeks in Florida without power. Good Luck to you. Hope it's quick for getting your power back on.


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north Georgia mountains here...we lost power for about an hour last night..all is well.

god bless.........
Power was out from Clermont all the way up 129 to just inside the Cleveland city limit this afternoon. I went back out Hwy 115 to Duncan Bridge toward Cornelia. 4-way traffic signal was dark at Duncan Bridge and 254. The South end of White Co took a beating.


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Still don't have power. Hopefully it will be back on some time tomorrow.
Tree down next door and we are on a low traffic, low priority street.


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Power still out here, between Dahlonega and Dawsonville. Hadn't seen any crews out and we do have several broke power poles and snapped lines in scattered out places. Lots of cutting to get out but nobody hurt and all is good.
Still no outside power here, but generators are doing an awesome job. Just turned on water heater and it is pulling the load. Man, a hot shower will be awesome!
Power came back on for us around 415 or so, just as my work laptop was getting ready to die and I was about to pull the plug on tethering on my cell phone. All the food survived thanks to the ice blocks I put in the fridge and ice my wife got yesterday. Man, it felt good to feel the fans going again and to have noise in the house other than wind. I like the silence of a cool breezy day like that in the house, but when it's forced on me it just doesn't sit as well.

Here's to hoping that the rest of you all get power soon and that any damage wasn't severe.
Thanks. Duke Energy sent out a text this morning saying Sunday at best.
Dang. Y'all got one big hot mess down there all over the state. Hope they get you back up and going as quick as they can.


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I'm in east Bradenton, Fl. South and east of Tampa.
The eye missed us by about 30 miles to the east. They say it was a marginal cat 3.
I lost 1/2 dozen cap shingles and a lot of spanish moss. My brother in town (west of me) lost 5 trees in his yard so I spent yesterday and most of today helping him.
I lost power for about 12 hours but some still don't have it back (lent out my generators to a few).
God bless to all who are in harms way.


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Power still out here, between Dahlonega and Dawsonville. Hadn't seen any crews out and we do have several broke power poles and snapped lines in scattered out places. Lots of cutting to get out but nobody hurt and all is good.
I'm in dvill no power still


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We got through with only a couple light blinks.
Amazing for being surrounded by trees.

However, the chimney cap decided to imitate a frisbee in the midst of the wind coming through, gave a local contractor something to do.


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Very lucky here in 31088, no damage, just broken branches (house surrounded by pines) and no outages of any kind...power, ISP, water all good. Guessing wind speed around 45ish with gusts to 55 or maybe 60 at worse. Others near me not so fortunate. I was prepped as always nonetheless. This wasn't my first rodeo and wish I could say it was my last but I doubt that. Hope everyone else ok and makes quick recovery.
Power on today , 35 miles South of Valdosta just over the Fla. line.
5 days of baths in the pond and Eggs , Bacon ect. on the Grill.
Gonna kinda miss it. Simpler time but I did notice it was a big chunk of the day to survive proper. We got it real easy these days.
Man has to work for a living don't have time for shuckin and jiving.
Think I'll order a Pizza tomorrow and relax.
Southern Tift Co. we made it very well. Lost power for about 12 hours Monday. Those EMC guys were welcome. Still have poles and lines down a couple of miles from home.
We were ready with a generator and good friends and family. Most lost was a few smaller limbs and 95% of pecans off 7 trees in our yard.
Pray for all the people involved in these hurricanes.


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Sunday night was rough here. Mainly wind. Didn't get nearly the rain or coastal surge predicted. Had a lot of debris in yard. Family's good, home is good, dog is good. First time we ever boarded our house. Lost power from about 4 am until about 4 pm.

Storm started breaking up as the eye was over/near us. if we would have gotten several hours of wind/rain after the eye, like we had as it approached, it would have been a lot worse.

Thank the Lord we were ok.

County wide was a mess. A lot of trees down, about 25 structures damaged, about 85% without power initially.