The Perfect Getaway

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Being in college and having a part time job at the golf course really gives you no freedom to do what you love. Luckily class let out early so I made a quick trip home so me and my dad could settle in the 95* heat and try our luck. I was hunting a spot loaded with acorns and had visible sign of deer traffic. After hours of sweating and loads of gnats and mosquitoes the woods finally settled. 7:40 rolls around and with just enough light 2 does come walking my way. With a window the size of my hat I only had 1 shot and if it was meant to be the opportunity would present itself. After shaking like a leaf and with daylight fading fast I finally got my opportunity, the doe walked out about 17yards I took a deep breath, drew and gave a light bleat so she would stop. As soon as she settled I made sure everything was right and the rest was history. Tucking away she ran approximately 50yards and expired. Thank god for a clean lethal shot and memories that will last forever...

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Congratulations! Good job getting it done in this heat.