The Redd House in Jefferson


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Tried it with neighbors a few years ago. We’re a little on the frugal side and don’t eat out much for numerous reasons. From what I remember it was just okay, not good enough for us to return. Neighbors love it.


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We eat there fairly often. For a is awesome. There's ALWAYS pretty long line waiting to get in when they open the doors. Just remember...they only take cash or personal checks.


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Probably have only eaten there a few hundred times. Always good

When Ellis Redd was still living and he saw me in line to come in he used to come over and try to give me a candy bar to eat. He knew that I would eat more than my money’s worth. Ellis was a hoot.
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Anybody know if Andy (I guess he still owns the Redd House) is going to open the Deer Market this year or is it closed permanently? I know he had some health problems.


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I hunt just down the road from the Redd House when I come up to my cousins. We usually hit it when I’m there.
I heard Andy was doing much better. He’s always been good to this Florida boy.


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It’s a little far for us. Down on the Southside , we eat at Tim’s Lighthouse Seafood Buffet in Milner , Ga. They have all of the usual seafood items plus fried oysters , raw oysters and prime rib. I am miserable after I walk out of that place. Can’t beat it for 19 bucks.