The Scrimshaw Process...

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And What Does a Fellow Do When He Finishes a Piece?

Well - Like an addict, he picks up another and starts all over... This piece is on a cross-section cut of an ivory tusk...


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I find either a photo, or maybe a painting I like and use it as a guide for whatever the piece will be... Once I do a piece, and do another of the same thing, I usually use the last piece as something to look at while I etch... Sometimes I'll size the picture to my base material (ivory in this case), and I'll cut it out and sort of trace around the outline with a pencil just to give me some reference as I fill in the middles... I've always drawn since I was a kid - Pencil, ink, chalk -- Anything I could find and would draw what I was looking at on a piece of paper or drawing pad of some sort... So - I basically just scale what I'm seeing to the piece I'm working on and draw what I see...


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Looks good Tom, man we are getting some kind of diversified around here arent we?


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I knew you were a man of superior tastes!

Very kewl Tom and I must admit, I'm very impressed by your subject matter! :cool:
So is this guy.... ;)