The start of two new box stands

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Had an extra stick of 60” CMP on a job, so I decided to turn it into two box stands. Here is the start to the project.

I will next be framing out the windows and adding the roof. After that the outside and inside will get painted. Then will get it mounted on platform ready to be picked up with the tractor and set In the air!



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Should last a longgggggg time!!


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nice. I would also add some vents along the roofline. Even with those windows, heat rises and metal is going to get awful toasty inside. I would also pick a very light, reflective color. Don't worry about camo, the deer won't care. Light blue, off-white, tan, something that won't soak up all the heat from the sun and cook you inside.


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soooo many possibilities!! have fun with this one!


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Suggestion. Something for sound damping on the inside.
Truck bed spray or roll on.
I did that in a steel and aluminum
machinery box/crate I got off
a job. Worked well so if you touched it
with equipment, it
didn't make that "ding" sound.

I made mine as an all weather
Turkey ground blind but could
easily have put it on some treated
4X4's and made a great deer stand.

If you go that route, get it sprayed
first so it will go ahead and cure
good and get the chemical smell
gone. Then do the rest as time
and schedule permits.

I think that will work out great
And you can get a swivel boat seat
for quite 360* viev.
I would think it Wouldn’t be loud at all with barrel out window
I learned the hard way bout the barrel out the stand... I guess I got what my military friends called "snipers concussion". 300 win mag fully inside a wooden box stand made me feel really weird for about 2 days!


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I try to always wear hearing protection, but I like the idea of sound dampening the inside so it doesn’t go “ding” when you touch it
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I have a large roll of indoor/outdoor carpet that I am going to line the inside with to help with sound.