The thrill of victory,

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and the agony of defeat. (For those of us "seasoned" enough to remember the opener of ABC's Wide World of Sports, B&W TV, rabbit ears with aluminum foil ...)

Went for a walk in a park on an asphalt path over a gravel base. Not a field or a stream, low expectations, but I figured that if I don't look for points I will not find points.

Found the attached. Looks like granite (?) under the clay film. Took it home because of the interesting shape. Showed my wife.

Me: "Look what I found"

Wife: "What is it ?"

Me: "What does it look like ?"

Wife: "It looks like a rock"

Me: "It is definitely a rock, but what does it look like ?"

Wife: " What is it supposed to look like ?" (Qualifiers - She is VERY good at cards, and I should have cut my losses right here, but ...)

Me: "Doesn't it look a little like a point or arrowhead ?"

Wife: "I wouldn't know what to look for."

Me: "You know, something with a point, sort of triangular. Don't you think it looks like an arrowhead ?"

Wife: "It looks like a rock."

So, i soaked it overnight in a mild soap solution and then cleaned it up with a soft bristle brush. More quartz than I expected, but not a material that would knap or flake. Chip maybe. But it is a cool rock, and I'm keeping it.


LOL This guy I used to well, I guess you would say 'shack up' with would come home and ask me "do you know what this is?" as he showed me a/some rocks. "Well, I'm no expert but my best guess would be 'rock'.

I still have most of the rocks :)
That is a piece of gravel that is naturally shaped vaguely like an arrowhead. :)