The Torch Shoot

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Hi folks , just wanted to remind you of the Torch bow shoot. It will be Aug 24 at the church. This year we will be having Team Fitzgerald { Guy and Dan } , to come and speak to us. These guys have been tv personalities for many years , I think we will have a good time. Come out and spend the day with us, and meet these guys. Same great courses as last year. Scott
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Pass the word around. We have put out flyers almost everywhere. Scott

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Thank you sir.

All are welcome, come on out and have a great time.

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Folks , I just wanted to remind everyone of the bow shoot coming up the 24 th. Everyone is invited to come out. You have to register to win door prizes. You do not have to shoot. Just bring the family out for a day of fun. Thanks , Scott


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Where is the information on this shoot? Where is it being held? What time does it start? What are the classes? Etc... I am interested
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The shoot will be at the Torch. 800 cannon bridge road, Demorest , Ga. Registration begins at 7 , and everyone needs to be there by 8. We will get started right away. Scott


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There has been a change in speakers for The Torch Bow Shoot tomorrow. Team Fitzgerald notified us that they had to cancel coming to The Torch tomorrow "for reasons beyond our control".

Regardless, the bow shoot is still going to be held tomorrow and we have another great speaker lined up for your pleasure.

Can't wait to see you out there tomorrow.
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It is a free shoot with lots of free door prizes being given away. Lunch will be available for around 5.00 . Scott