The ultimate bowfishing boat?

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Is this the ultimate bowfishing boatfishing boat?

My buddy Micky was nice enough to show me around his 1768 tunnel hull bowfishing boat!

Is this the ultimate set up? Or is their anything else he should add? Is this the perfect size or should he go smaller or bigger?

He is also having trouble keeping his LED lights running. He has to replace them about once a year due to some of them going out. Is there a brand that will not have this problem? If so what brand have you had luck with?

Thanks for your time and as always
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The ultimate bowfishing boat tour! - 1768 Tunnel hull "Under the deck"

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I remember camping at Wingate's down at Lake Seminole around Easter weekend almost every year with a friend and at nights there were people all over the lake with very noisy boats that were specialized for bow fishing. Most of them seemed to be air boats, altho I can't confirm that, except for the noise and speed. Lots of lights and platforms, and I'd guess a trolling motor.
The "ultimate" bowfishing boat would be in the eye of the beholder right? I have had great luck with SeeLight personally.
For you it is. The Untimate anything boat is one a good friend owns that takes you often enough. A lot cheaper for you to pick up the gas bill than pay for the boat.

BOAT....Bust Out Another Thousand.