The Way of Faith

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How wonderful is to bring to heart God's rightly divided way,
the Word of Truth bringing to light sinners gone astray.
In darkness we dwelt until the day God's word came to say,
God reconciles sinners through the blood which Christ gave to save.
Though we were enemies and lost without hope still our Savior came,
to give his life for you and me and to bring us in God's way.
In the Lord's death we find ourselves as on the cross he's made,
to be our sin and through his blood redemption's way was paid.
The price was paid the payment made the day our Lord was slain,
but three days later from the grave our Lord was raised to reign.
The Apostle Paul was shown these things to reveal heaven's way,
believers in Christ, risen with him forever in God's stay.
As Sons of God we now proclaim the new and living way,
the way of Faith through the blood of Jesus Christ to save.
We have no works or things to boast that brought us in this way,
just God's great mercy and his love for sinners saved by Grace.