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Always looking for fishing partner

I am from Dacula Ga. I go to Saint Augustine Florida fishing the end of May and the end of Sept. (Giant Red Drum Spawn) Normally we have three to four going on each trip. Normally one or two can't go, so we look for one or two partners to go with us to split the cost. ($150.00 - $250.00 each Depending on how many go.) I have a 24' Searay weekender that stays down there. We go down on Thursday evening and come back on Monday Morning and fish until we can hardly pull in another fish. We have a great time! Sometimes weather permitting we stay off shore all day and night. It is a lot of fun, so if anyone wants to ride down with us and join us let me know and we can stay in touch. By the way I am going down next Friday 3/25/2010 through Sunday morning if anyone wants to go let me know I am looking for possibly two partners this time.
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The wife and myself are heading to Savannah Thurs April 29th - Sun May 2nd. Would love to get on the water for some fishing at least one of those days. Anyone have room for 2 anglers? Willing to pay for Gas/Bait of course.
need 2 for stream fishing in Savannah

We are going offshore on Sat. 5/15. We have room for 2 more. I know its late notice but if you can go we will split gas and bait.
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Going fishing this Saturday in Savannah but all of the fishing buddies are busy doing other things. I have a 21' Cobia for either inshore or offshore fishing. If anyone wants to split fuel and bait give me a shout. I am open to suggestions as to where to go.
Will be at Jekyll Island June 19-26 and would love to fish. I will have 2 20 year old boys or 2 13 year old girls that want to fish inshore or offshore. Of course we would pay for all gas, bait, and drinks(non-alcohol). Thanks
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We go to panama city beach just about every weekend during the summer june-september and are always looking for people who love to fish we have all private number 30-60 miles offshore and a 32 foot center console. We are always looking for people to pitch in on bait and tackle if anyone is interested in coming down feel free to email me at or send me a PM. i have plenty of pictures i can email you and we catch our limit of large red snapper everytime and throw in some kings amberjack grouper beeliners and other fish. On an average day with 5-7 people we bring back 200 pounds of fish fairly easily and good days can result in 300+ lbs of fish. If you love catching lots of fish i can promise you will enjoy it. Thanks and tight lines. Hunter D
hey guys! i just found this thread! count me in!!! i am in the market for a boat but havent got one yet. i love to go offshore but havent got the means. YET! lol! i would like to get with some folks that i could go with regular. i work a swing shift and work 2 weekends then off for two. im off during the week alot too. i got no problem with covering my share, i know this is expensive. thanks guys!

St. George Island Fishing

We are going to be at St. George Island from July 14th-18th. We have been charter bayfishing with Robinson Brothers this summer, and now we want to go offshore. There are 4 of us. We would be willing to pay for gas and bait if someone would take us out. Or we are looking for 1 or 2 people to help make an offshore charter more affordable. Charisma Charters is who we will be going with. We have been with them on three 8 hour charters, and we are looking to step up to a 12 hour trip which is $1350. $1350/6=$225 per person + TIP. This is a good chance to get out there. PM me if you are interested. We are looking to go on Thursday or Friday. Let me know tho.
I just noticed this thread, A buddy and I recently had the chance to go off shore fishing in the Gulf and loved it. We got to thinking that it would be nice to take a trip a month or every other month during the school year and anytime during the summer. So we are looking for someone that would like to split the cost of the trip with us and we'll help clean up your boat when we get back and those other pesky boat owner things you have to do(as well as help pay for fuel and bait). If you are interested just send me a message here. We are close to SSI, but can drive to most places within and hour or so. I also have a 19 ft inshore boat if you wanted to take some river trips.

im trying to put a trip together this weekend either to the stream or the snapper banks. im leaving out of ft mccalister and may need a person or two. if anyone is interested drop me a line.
I need one for Panama City Beach for this Thursday could possible use 2 to share expenses. Snapper and maybe some King Fishing
Drop me a pm. Will be fishing on my center Console
I’m heading down to Mexico Beach this Saturday for some much needed R&R for a week. Since I have never fished this area I was hoping someone could point me in the right directions. My only issue is I don’t have a boat; I am however considering renting a kayak for the day and trying to find it on my own, or even better, pay for some gas and hitch a ride with someone that knows what they are doing in this area. I would love to put my brother in law and his son on some fish.

Ive never been saltwater fishing, I haven’t done that much fishing in general but I could eat Mahi-Mahi till it comes out my nose. Id love to do a bit of off-shore fishing to fill the freezer. So if you have any off-shore trips planned for the summer and need a laugh please shoot me a PM.

I’ll settle for any kinda fishing really and I’ll pay my way. As long as you’re not a weirdo Im game.


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Anyone going to be fishing in Daytona area during May 19th - May 27th? Willing to pay my way. Shoot me a PM if interested.