The wish to fish......


I have a 31' Contender with twin 250 Ox66 Yamahammers on the back. It drinks some gas but I do love to fish. I live in Brunswick and fish quite often. My boat is currently for sale for CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP!! But until it sales I will continue to fish it. Drop me a PM sometime.

How much would it cost in gas and bait to go with you?


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Did you find anyone one with a boat that will take on others?
If you were asking about me, no I never got a response.

I will be on Jekyll Island the week of Memorial day 2014. Willing to pay my way.
Hello everyone. I am newer to Brunswick and been itching to go offshore fishing something bad. I haven't been offshore since I moved to Alabama. Now that I am back I feel the need to FEED. Anyone looking for a fishing friend inshore or offshore I am game. I am off most weekends and only work til 2 or 3 weekdays. I will gladly split fuel, ice, bring equipment as well.
need 1 to 2 for snapper

i need 1 to 2 people for a snapper trip out of appalachicola fla. june 1st,2nd,3rd, just me and my son my regular crew will be coming down tues evening,we will be fishing off a 26' boat with twin yamaha 150s, we will split gas,ice and bait, i have fished the area for 25 years and have good spots and a strong program rigging and poles availiable,call chuck at 770 313 2544


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Me and my wife will be in carrabelle for the weekend, looking for a boat for some flats fishing. will split costs, just wana catch some fish and havent been out since i was wet behind the ears. Thanks red
I am going to be traveling to Fort Stewart from Minnesota 2-12 September and am going to have some down time and would like to go fishing with some people if they are willing to take a northerner out. I really don't care what type of fishing we do i just want to pull fish out of the water.

I am an avid fisherman in Minnesota, father of 4, and a very responsible boat owner and passenger. I will help reimburse fuel and bait but I am not going to have a pole or tackle with me but I will buy beer, food, etc to make it worth your time. I am unsure of what days i am going to have off but if you send me a personal message I will send you my cell # and as the time gets closer I will be able to hopefully set up a time to hit the water.

Thanks and look forward to hearing from anyone
I live in Atlanta and am looking to do some saltwater fishing. I frequent the Savannah/HHI/Brunswick area a lot and would like to make friends with anyone with a boat. I can split the costs on gas/food/beer whatever
I live just outside of Savannah and am willing to split some gas to go offshore as my 17' boat isn't so friendly for that. If any is looking for some inshore fishing I usually have a spot and will post when I am going.
Interesting thread. I am in the savannah area. Have fished a lot of inshore but never had the chance to fish offshore. Would love to chip in and try it out. Would also take anyone duck hunting/hog hunting/