These kinda snuck in under radar....

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Got a line on a 12G O/U 28" for $1100. Doesn't sound too bad for a decent gun. How many ya want to order, hehehehehe.

I've got a taste for a SxS 20, and not too impressed with the Bakiel (SP?) line. Figure if I keep snoopin around one day one'll jump out at me for the right price.

Nick T
I saw the paperwork on these guns a couple of weeks back but they had'nt made it to the distributor at that time.

If i bought one i would rather see if first, gonna be some variances in the wood from one gun to another.
They're also offering double rifles in 30-06 and 45-70. I've ordered a 45-70 and if I like it I'll rechamber it to 458 and hope it still regulates.