These warm days got me itching to get the ole Jeep out and do some mountain riding. Lets see those jeeps


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Well dang! I don't have a Jeep:mad:....or a Bronco:unsure:.....or a rainbow warrior Yota :sick:

I did try to buy an Eddie Bauer edition Bronco a while back. I built a handicap shower for the guy that had it and I tried to get it, but he wouldn't even talk about a price. After talking to him about it, he finally told me that he retired from FoMoCo. It has sat in the same spot for so long that the white lettering on the tires has started to run down onto the concrete:eek:
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Jeeps are a top 3 vehicle for the lgbt crowd js
We will take your word for that. We also support you in your lifestyle. Live and let live. You were born that way.
BTW, y'all really like Miatas too from what I've seen.
This is true. It’s a 92 with the 3.0 so it’s pretty weak in the hp department lol
My sister in Texas has a '92 Xtra cab 4x4 she bought new. She wants to give it to me but I ain't gonna drive to San Angelo to get it.