These warm days got me itching to get the ole Jeep out and do some mountain riding. Lets see those jeeps

My sister in Texas has a '92 Xtra cab 4x4 she bought new. She wants to give it to me but I ain't gonna drive to San Angelo to get it.
I ain't gonna lie...I would hitch hike to your sister for a free low mileage toyota. Especially been in Texas its whole life. I like toyota trucks and adventures.


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This is my 88 YJ
Nice rig...but didn't you hear Jeeps don't have rectangular headlights? :bounce:

No Jeep, but my "soccer mom rig", full sized Montero, has turned out to be surprisingly capable. 4-wheel independent suspension, (not a lot of articulation though), center locking differential, hybrid limited slip rear differential, 4.30 gears, selectable AWD/4WD high/low lock center options.
Daily Driver:

Tow rig:

Outdoor adventure: (well, ok, fooling around in the yard after I installed new shocks and struts...)

Oh, I have a good fried with a Jeep J20, got to help him with a motor build recently. (Hope this helps).:rockon: