"They play both kinds of music...Bluegrass and Gospel...!"

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Heads up... NE Georgia/NW South Carolina, wanted to share, one of our favorite Bluegrass/Gospel bands will be playing at a church in Westminster, SC this Sunday 10/13. (Can't decide if this belongs in Spiritual forum, or here since it's Bluegrass)?

I'm guessing it's free, but I reckon a plate will be passed. If you could use a bit of uplifting of late, I highly recommend spending some time with them.


Jubile, (was Dixie Jubilee), is a family from Woodstock, GA. Talented, genuine, spiritual.
Chauga Baptist Sunday Morning Sing w/Jubile


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I've seen Dixie Jubilee up close and personal and whatever label you want to give them, they are awesome. Musically talented family, from the instruments to the harmonies, they got it!