Thieves in Monroe

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Tuesday night while I was sleeping someone came up to my house cut down my fence got my four wheeler and pushed it right on down the road :mad: .I called out a Walton county Sheriff and he said there has been alot of this going on all around Walton county. Mostly four wheelers and lawn mowers. And they have even been breaking in to peoples barns to get stuff so keep them locked up tight Fellers!

Oh well atleast now I have a good excuse to :bounce: get a new one


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Yancey, sorry to hear that man. I really don't think any 'accident' scum like that might have while doing their dirty deeds is too harsh.
Sure hope they get caught....
Hunt/fish safely,


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Yall PLEASE, PLEASE write down the Make, Model and Serial number of every item you own, VERY IMPORTANT to have this information for reports and entering your stolen items in the State/National crime information systems.

Worked a case a few years back with a stolen cell phone, guy had all his info and we did a raid on a drug house, one year to the date, that the phone was stolen, guess what I found inside? Yep sure was, that lil ole cellphone, so I charged them with that too and the stolen gun too, not counting the dope we found on them.

PLEASE, PLEASE write all the information down and keep it safe somewhere, might save you some aggravation in the end, with insurance companies too.

Yancey, sorry to hear it, hope they get it back one day soon for you.


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Sorry to hear it, too. Haven't heard of anything like that out my way, but thanks for the warning. Will make double sure everythings put away.


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Good idea Jeff Young.I going to go now and change my electric fence over from 110 to 440.See if it will work better! :fine: :yeah: :eek:
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Good Advice

about the numbers dep I was glad I had my serial numbers as well as my engine numbers if there was any chance at all it lied on that. If I get a settlement from my insurance company and then they recover the unit later what happens? Hey jeff were you serious about "trip wires" and if so how does that work?