Think I'll pass on bow opener

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Guys, I can't believe that I am even considering it, but I don't think I am going to go hunting Saturday. This year the bow opener is earlier than ever and the high is supposed to be 90 degrees Saturday. No thanks! I think I am going to wait for a little cooler temps. My wife asked what I did to her husband! I dunno. Just sweating in a tree is not very appealing right now... :(


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A friend of mine went to Kentucky last was 88 foggy and humid.

He and his buddies did not have any luck.


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Yea, I'm out too. Actually I am out for several weeks. A tree crushed my new (1 month old) Tahoe. It will be in the shop for about 3 weeks so I don't have a way to go. Maybe it will be cooler in a few weeks?


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I decided to sit out the opening day also but I will get in there during the week :D



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I don't care what the temp is on Saturday...I will be up in a tree waiting to STICK one!!


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I am going to go Saturday AM, maybe it will stay a little cool until mid-morning. Only big problem I see is with all the wind, all the soft mass is on the ground and the ground is proably cover-up in white oaks that couldn't hang on during Frances.


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I'll Be Missing it Too...

First time in I can't recount the years - Got a camping trip with some of the church folks planned up at Fort Mountain this weekend - But I'll be in a tree as soon after the weekend as possible...


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I plan on stickin' one while it's in the 60's Saturday morning, carrying her fat little rear to Dreamland, stoppin' by holcomb's on the way home and settin' in front of the TV watchin' the Redclay Hounds whop the tar out of them stanky ole' Birds!!!!

I love this time of year!

And I love Georgia!!!


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Same here. I'm gonna pass for a week or so on bow season. Since we lost our lease I just can't get excited about hunting, even though we've joined a new club. :(
Plus, with the winds we got this week every darn White oak we found had tons of acorns on the ground. I think it's gonna be hard to pattern the deer for a few days / weeks since acorns are everywhere.

I think my son and I will just go ride our dirtbikes at Mill Creek MX in AL this weekend, or maybe we'll go to Whitewater park, or ....... Who knows. :cool:


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Just a little FYI there guy's for the past week I've woke up and it's been 37 - 39 degrees!!! :cool: It was a blistering 72 today! WHeewww!! Thought I was gonna have to put on short pants!!! :whip:


Oh yeah I can't deer hunt at all!!!
Muygrande, not being able to deer hunt that's like sacrilege!! :(


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I'll be working as usual and would like to wait for cooler weather. Last night while sitting on the back deck I had a doe jump the fence into the back yard and start feeding on apples. Then she headed to my little garden area and tore up some okra leaves. After watching her about 20 mins from as close as 15yds it did kind of get me in the mood.
I'll be up a tree Saturday morning, planting plots all the rest of Saturday, and hunting early and late on Sunday :clap:

It's just a little sweat :rolleyes: :p
Opening Day

As I age I'm starting to treat opening day like New Year's Eve.
One good day of heat and sweat and many will stop hunting for a few weeks. Some of the real amateurs will stop for the year or until gun season opens.

Some years ago I would camp near a major hiking trail on a three day holiday and watch the amateurs. Nothing like watching a scheduled 60 mile hiker collapse into a brand new tent.

X?@#%&* after missed shots, falls out of tree stands, lost hunters screaming for directions, the turmoil of it all.
I'll pass for a few days!
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In the tree...

is where you will find me on Saturday morning.

Yep, this fat boy will be sweatin' it, but it'll be worth it when I drag that big 'un out!!! :shoot:
I will be hunting Saturday morning for sure. I have waited too long to get back at them. I like to get back out early to get re-acclimated to the pace of the woods.


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I will have my butt planted in the stand at sunup saturday waiting for some sorta tasty little animal to poke his/her head out. For the last month all i have thought about is hunting - a little heat isnt gonna stop me