Thinking about a new rifle.

Tikka euro optics is running a deal on them right now.. then top it with a meopta meopro scope and you will spend under 1k and have a tack driver!

That's a really good suggestion! I would look at the Tikka and the Weatherby Vanguard. Although pretty different rifles, the way they are made, they are both very accurate and solid choices, at a reasonable price.

I think you could easily buy one of these rifles, and have enough money left over to buy a really good Meopta scope, for about $1000 total, or possibly a Swarovski Z3, and still come in ~$1500.


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In addition to the M70 Supergrade, I’d also suggest the Extreme Weather Stainless and the featherweight. I liked them all so well I have one of each.
Don't cross the Browning BAR off your list. They are plenty accurate and if you have a chance to harvest 2 or more at a time it reloads so fast the deer don't hear it and you can drop the second deer before it runs. I have done it quite a few times.


^Yes the Bar is a great suggestion as well! Usually when people want a new rifle, I just take it for granted they want a good bolt action. I have several good bolt action rifles, but truth be known, my main rifle is a Bar. Mine is every bit as accurate as my bolt actions. Actually my longest shots to date have been with my Bar.

So, if your considering a semi-auto, don’t be afraid to go with a Browning Bar.
I have always been a Ruger m77 guy. I own 4 different ones in this model. That said I now have 2 tikka t3x in 6.5 creedmoor and 270 wsm. They are hands down the best shooting and Smoothies rifle I have ever owned. I mean crazy accurate. I plan to buy one more rifle and it will either be a sako or browning hells canyon long range. This will be all the rifles I will ever need for hunting
I can't believe no said Ruger American . Maybe the most accurate budget rifle being built ( legitimate 1000 yard rifle ) and top it with a nice piece of glass and for $800 dollar package you have a rifle way more accurate than any of Us .
Plus you can get your choice of the most popular calibers including the magnums .
For production guns, it’s hard to beat the current Winchester model 70’s, imo.

That extreme weather version is a heck of a gun.
Hand lay up composite stock with aluminum bedding block, free floated fluted barrel, Mauser short or long action, 3 position safety, amazing trigger, etc.
And light weight.
That’s a lot of gun for the asking price.

The next gun I get will probably be one of the little model 70 featherweight compacts in .308.