This cold front ought to do it.


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I think you are right, unfortunately the best days will be during the week will be Tuesday - Friday due to the colder weather. I will be working during the best part of the week, but I will be there on the weekends. Jasper County


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that's how it always goes. When were working, theyre chasing.
I'm taking Friday off. I hope the rain clears out Friday afternoon. They should move good after the rain. Then temps are going to drop. I expect excellent movement Saturday morning too.


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Saturday and Sunday should be good. Monday and Tuesday is calling for rain ( for now in Cobb and Newton )..I'm off Wednesday the 14 through Thanksgiving week. Although they have been chasing hard for the last week. They say the giants are the last to start and last to stop.


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Hoping the forcast for next week holds. I'll be off Monday for Veteran's Day and again Thursday and Friday for a quota hunt. Supposed to get into mid-to-low 30s Wednesday and Thursday night.


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I'm starting vacation the 15-26 I've hunted this area for the 2 seasons prior and have killed good bucks on the 16th and 19th. I'm READY !!!!!!


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I am off hunting in Putnam this week and haven’t seen a chase yet other than crossing a highway.

After this season I have only one more year of trying to predict/time days off for hunting. Come 2020 season I will be “available” all season. 😎
So I went two weeks in a row on four day trips trying to catch the early cruising bucks. They almost ready so I’ll try them again next week for a score.
I was hunting in shorts and a T-shirt and it felt like a typical bow season day but in November.


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Our deer in Carroll County have been at it for the last week. It’s about to get really good. I killed a freak rack 7 point with a big, trashy spike horn with kickers on his left side. Right side had a perfect 4 point side with good tine length. He weighted 170# on the hoof. Caught him cruising a clearcut. His tarsals were soaking wet and streaked down to his hooves. Been seeing quite a few following does. One chase seen so far.
I freaking pumped about this cold weather. After this Friday, I only work Tuesday next week and off to Clybel for the second hunt and planning on camping there. Then thanksgiving week will be dedicated to get my daughter a deer during the doe days here in hart county, the 19th - the 25th.


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Got Friday thru thanksgiving off hoping to get the dominant buck on the property. He has a couple year history of not leaving his stomping grounds contrary to most leaving to do the chase. Hope he messes up while I'm cold and wet 😁
Had all next week but think I'll just hunt wed thru sun , mon tue be raining ,