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Guys I just wanted to say that y'all are such an inspiration. I dont post much in here but every now and then I'll read through and wow. Theres nothing better and more inspiring to me than seeing someone with a disability overcome and keep doing what they love to do. It's easy for folks (like me) to take for granted the little things, like the fact that I can get up and walk to the river when I want to. You guys are an inspiration to me , and have absolutely got to be a bigger inspiration to others with disabilities. I love to see people adapt and overcome. Y'all keep after it !!! If there's anything I can do just message me.
With my participation with Outdoors Without Limits, I have met and am friends with many disabled folks and each one of them are an inspiration to me. My little problems get even smaller when I see what many folks go through just to get out the door everyday or what is required just to get to a tree to sit by and listen for a turkey or wait on a deer. Never do I hear a complaint either. We take so much for granted. I am thankful for everything they have taught me.

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