Those who pack their critters out instead of dragging them...

Rabun - I agree. I use the LL BEAN pack to carry my climber with backpack strapped to the climber at the same time. The LL BEAN pack is very comfortable even w/a huge load attached. I have not used it for a bear.

Thanks...looks like it will work very well. I got this as gift a few years ago...haven't packed any game out yet but it works great lugging climber stand, chain saw, mineral blocks, whatever you want to strap to it. Well made and very comfortable. Same idea as what you got, but probably not as reasonably priced.
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I’m 32 years old and I’ve never even field dressed a deer (in my defense I’ve only ever shot one deer). I do much more waterfowl hunting than deer and we clean those birds immediately after a hunt. I grew up with a dad who didn’t hunt and I picked it up in college after having some buddies who hunted and no one ever showed me how to field dress much less pack one out but after reading this I think I’ll study up on you tube and plan to pack out whatever I shoot on my quota hunt this year.
Make sure that it's ok to field butcher your deer on the quota hunt...I remember being on a hunt some time ago on West Point WMA and they didn't even want you to gut the deer. It was indicated at the check in station, but I missed the posted special instruction. It was a late season primitive weapons hunt doe only and I believe they were checking to see if they were impregnated. I killed one and brought it back gutted...almost had to go back with a bucket and bring the guts back.


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I Purchased one of those plastic game sleds online and cut it in half to a more packable size. While it will not carry a entire deer or bear, it will certainly handle all four quarters, or the head and hide of a bear strapped to it. The photo shows it attached to my ALPS commander pack with the included strap system. This sled only weighs about 2 pounds and I’m thinking it will come in very handy at some point. Anything to keep from making two roundtrips up the mountain BB55F434-26B2-45C6-A0C5-5DC939B080EA.jpeg . 76E00906-89BB-4A2F-B971-85C61F4DA758.jpeg
Pretty slick jbogg! Would like to have had that setup last year. I think I got a purple sled i could make work. If no success you could just ride that rig back to the truck!