Thoughts on 3 Californias?

Wouldn't that change the electoral college? I would think at least one of the states would vote for the "other person" in a Presidental race.
Probably will for the new state of Northern California. The other two, not so much.

For the rest of the country - 2 more red senators in Northern Cali, probably 2 more blue ones in Southern, but fewer blue electoral college votes overall.
Well, I just read on another forum that the proposed lines are designed to keep all 3 districts blue (to get additional Senators). I may have misinterpreted the density map and election result maps I glanced at.
Now if they only could get all the sandbox countries to split up like this we might could have some peace.
California has taken the disenfranchisement of minority position voters to the extream. They even have elections with nothing but Dims on the ballot.
NY is similar. These states hold opposition voters hostage to a few large population centers.
I think Fl would also be a candidate.
The biggest problem would be the back room deals to keep the divided states with their current dominate party.