Thoughts on 3 Californias?

Even if Cali voters approve it, Congress never will. Same reason a red Congress won't consider making Puerto Rico a state....more blue senators and reps.
Well, I just read on another forum that the proposed lines are designed to keep all 3 districts blue (to get additional Senators). I may have misinterpreted the density map and election result maps I glanced at.
So the communists want to rig the system? Go figure.
California has taken the disenfranchisement of minority position voters to the extream. They even have elections with nothing but Dims on the ballot.
NY is similar. These states hold opposition voters hostage to a few large population centers.
I think Fl would also be a candidate.
The biggest problem would be the back room deals to keep the divided states with their current dominate party.
Congratulations, you may be the first person I've seen in here concerned about minorities! You do mean the black and latino populations in California, right? ::ke:

On the original proposition.. wouldn't that mean California goes from 2 to 6 seats in the U.S. senate? I'm down, but I'm surprised most here would be.
If they does this, they will figure how to Gerrymander it, and the last thing we need is 4 four more senators and at least 4 more Representatives.
They already have. Look at how they have the "map". The Central Valley and the interior of CA where all the Conservatives are is split at the waist. That third little sliver called "California" is Orange Co. and San Diego grouped in with Los Angeles.

All 3 "states" would remain Blue until the end of time and the Democrats would gain 4 more Senate seats.

It's best to just keep that cancer bottled up where it is. Lancing the boil will only spread the disease.
Government by consent of the governed. I'd rather CA just secede so that we can be done with them.