Thursday Supper?

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How bout a little fried chicken liver with thousand island?

How do yall cook your fried chicken liver?


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Shake in a bag full of seasoned flour,
not corn meal. Drop in the hot oil
just long enough to make it "medium",

Best way to ruin it is to OVER COOK IT!

I like yellow mustard and tiger sauce
best to dip with.

Heinz 57 or hot sauce will do in a pinch.
I love properly cooked liver !!
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Sirachi sounds good on it. I believe I’ll try that.

John Cooper

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Lol. Hillbilly that was a good one.

Alrighty tonight we had a breakfast supper!!! Fried eggs, stone ground grits and wop biscuits!!!!!!

Sorry no pics, the wife said it wasn't her best work....... But trust me there were no left overs. Ha ha
Steaks, homemade garlic mashed taters for us tonight....
That looks good! Are those snow peas? How did you cook 'em? They look good, too.
YHFP made up some enormous Philly steak sammiches with peppersnonions and provolone and steak fries. It was right tasty. philly.jpg
Man everyone's food looks awesome tonight!!!!!
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2/0 OWNER for me. Getting harder to find them though