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I noticed that there have been very few if any ticks on the deer we have taken this year. has anybody else noticed this?


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I shot 2 does in Putnam co. this past weekend. No ticks on those 2 deer. Things that make you go hmmmmmm.

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The one I killed in Hancock Cty )Sparta, Ga) was CRAWLING with them.

You won't see many if any immediately after the kill, but as the time passes, and the animal may begain to cool down on the outside, they will start to look for another host. Soon as the animal starts to cool the ticks will beagain to CRAWL!

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The doe I shot this year had not as many as usual. I guess because they've been jumping on me and all the other club members this season!!!

Seed ticks and deer ticks are horrible on my lease. 1st time Permanone hasn't worked like it has in the past. I got about 10 seed ticks on me on opening morning!!!! It was 40 something degrees and they were still out for blood!!!



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If you have to track the blood and it takes an hour before you find the deer ; a lot of the ticks go looking for a warm body I suppose.