Time changing... do the deer change with the time?


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I love seeing this thread pop up every now and then. I laugh everytime I read the opening post.
I hunt with a good ol Ga. boy that when those clocks get set back it really messes him up. He is always trying to figure out what time he needs to be in the stand or what time to set the alarm to wake up.
It is FUNNY !!! about like this thread.


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I know it was around 8:10pm when I had to head to the house because it got dark, and I had deer coming around 7:45-8:30 on camera. now its getting dark at 7:30 and i havent seen anything the last 4 nights in a row. i usually go out to the stand around 4:30 and sit. and of course the big 8 that im after dont come out til midnight or later so i guess I'll have to try to get him during the rut, but i want some meat in my freezer! Do they change with the daylight too or not???
Yes, they must set their watch back. Sometimes I forget and really get screwed up. :banana:
I think we have a record resurrected thread.


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I bet mine show up an hour early. They do it every year. Crazy.